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Team Member Handbook

Thank you for participating in this preparation event. Here is a 'Team Member Handbook' provided to guide you during the event.

Code of Conduct (CoC)

Please follow by the Code of Conduct to create a good environment for event preparation. Please also follow the community guidelines of other conference and community.

If there is any violation of the community guidelines, please report it to the CoC Team.

How to ask questions

For matters related to volunteers, please ask to Secretary Team. For operational issues within each team, please first communicate and discuss with the team leader. If the issue cannot be resolved or there is ambiguity, please propose a temporary motion for discussion during the conference meeting.

When asking a question, please clarify the core issue. If possible, please include one or two proposed solutions for consideration, which can help team leaders or task members make decisions quickly.

Habits of discussing matters
  • Partners are humble, teams are joyful, and work is passionate. Please maintain this atmosphere.
  • Although it is passionate, it is also professional. Before speaking, it is best to do your homework and speak with evidence.
  • Although it is joyful, please moderate the amount of water and pay attention to the quality of the water.
  • Although it is humble, there is no need to belittle oneself to the level of elementary school with bad grammar or spelling.
  • The team likes positive suggestions and execution, and dislikes negative criticisms. If you find that something has not been done well, please be sure to raise it immediately in the channel. If you can suggest a better way of improvement, that is even better. However, it must be about the matter, not the person, and do not blame others.
  • Encourage partners to discuss matters privately. After a decision is made, especially if other teams need to cooperate, it must be publicly announced in the channel to leave a record, so that everyone remembers the same thing. The decision made within the team should also be sent to the channel or team mailbox for reference.

Excerpt from the COSCUP 2011 COSCUP Preparation Team New Member Handbook, last revised on January 23, 2010.

What is COSCUP?

COSCUP stands for Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, Promoters. It is an annual conference driven by the open-source community in Taiwan.

Here's one way you can introduce COSCUP

  • COSCUP is a technology conference that focuses on topics related to Open Source.
  • It is for developers, users, and promoters (Coders, Users, Promoters) to participate in.
  • It is a free and registration-free conference.
  • Usually held at the end of July or beginning of August at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
  • Each track of the conference is self-reviewed and self-organized by open source community partners.
  • The conference usually attracts 1500 to 2000 attendees.

COSCUP is an abbreviation, so please do not write it as

  • Coscup
  • Cos cup
  • Cos play
  • coscups


The conference usually holds synchronous meetings every two weeks one month before the event, and changes to weekly meetings when there is one month left until the event.

Each team meeting is determined by the team leader. If there are cross-team tasks, relevant personnel can be convened for discussion. If there are difficult decisions to make, the overall coordinators can be requested to attend.

2023 Preparation Period Meeting

During the 2023 preparation period, you can refer to the calendar for the schedule of synchronous meetings. The meeting minutes for each session can be found in this document.


During your volunteering process, the platform you'll be using is the volunteer management service provided by COSCUP. You can apply for various volunteer benefits or accumulate your volunteer experience on the platform.

The volunteer service platform is developed by the Secretary team. If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary team for assistance.


If you find yourself unable to continue contributing during the event, please proactively discuss the situation with your team leader, and taking a temporary leave or withdrawing are both options.


Once you become a volunteer, the conference provides various services that can be applied for as long as you are eligible.

Reminder for Available Application Items

Application instructions for the following items, if you have any further questions, you can directly ask to the Secretary team.

  1. Volunteer accommodation: Those who reside outside the county or require early arrival at the venue due to task requirements may apply.
  2. Transportation subsidies: Subsidies for transportation expenses incurred during the event will be announced separately each year.
  3. Volunteer service hours: A certificate of hours of service during the two-day event can be issued, and an activity summary or interview must be provided for the conference to keep on file.
  4. Expense reimbursement: For approved budget requests, expense reimbursement forms can be created on the platform.(Please refer to the Reimbursement Process).


There is currently no unified tool designated by the conference for task tracking or management system. Each team may decide on their own.

Mattermost / COSCUP Chat

The conference uses Mattermost as the communication tool during the event instead of Slack. The platform provides web, desktop, and mobile versions, please choose the appropriate platform to download.

There will be a public channel for each session, and each team can create channels or team chats as needed.

The platform also provides APIs or bot mechanisms for integration and development, which interested parties can explore on their own!

Reissue invitation letter

If you have not completed the account activation or the invitation letter has expired during the first login, you can obtain the login invitation letter again here.

Conference Schedule

The schedule of all events is publicly available and can be subscribed to. Currently, editing permissions are granted to each team leader and requests for editing permissions can be made to the Secretary team based on task needs.

Documents / Cloud Drive / HackMD

During the event, various documents and records will be created and shared using Google Drive. HackMD may also be used to record certain meeting minutes.

Post-event of the conference

Review Meeting

We will hold a review meeting about a month after the event ends, and everyone is welcome to attend in person or online if the time is appropriate.

Continual Contribution

We welcome your continual contribution to the COSCUP team even after the conference is over. There are always a few dedicated members who stay behind and continue to contribute. The Mattermost channels will remain open, and we welcome any ideas and discussions at any time!

Help with Booth

The Booth team helps set up booths at various conferences to promote COSCUP and the open-source spirit! For more information, please contact the Booth team.

Booth Records

We had booths at HITCON, SITCON, MOPCON, and GDG Taipei in 2022.

Continuing Participation in the Community

After COSCUP, we also hope to see you participate in regular community gatherings. If you're not sure where to find such events, you can refer to or subscribe to the Taiwan Open Source calendar.

About the calendar

Taiwan Open Source is a community calendar for open source events in Taiwan, currently maintained by Open Culture Foundation (OCF.TW). If you would like to publish an event on the calendar, please refer to the instructions and application form.