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If you want to start contributing to the project, here is the path you can take step by step to arrive.

What Service is in the COSCUP Volunteer?


Services, [original]

Those services have been implemented in the volunteer platform. Those services are served by the Secretary Team(行政組) in the COSCUP.

How to Make COSCUP Volunteer?


Infrastructure, [original]

This figure is the whole picture about the infrastructure of the volunteer platform on the production.

We set up the platform on AWS EC2 with Ubuntu 20.04 in t3a.large instance. Running those applications into containers by using upstream to round robin the containers. And we also have an instance in t3a.nano placed at the front of them, this instance will do the job of encrypting / decrypting the connections from requests and to responses.



Roadmap, [original]

Last update: January 25, 2023