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Post-COSCUP 2023 Appreciation

2023 COSCUP All Staffs

COSCUP 2023 has been successfully held on July 29 and July 30. We appreciate your participation in the event!

The exact time for COSCUP 2024 is not yet confirmed, but we intuitively know it will be held in late July or early August, still at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST).

Although some of the preparation team has entered a hibernation stage, all groups still have members maintaining the minimum guard. If there are any possibilities for cooperation in 2024, we welcome you to continue having a smooth dialogue with us at this moment.

Below are the designated mailboxes for each group or you can directly send to the attendee mailbox. Share your thoughts or proposals with us!

Booth Plan for the second half of 2023

The booth team currently has booth missions in the second half of the year, you are welcome to visit the booth when participating in the event! If there is a booth activity invitation, you can send an email to the booth team's mailbox:

  • HITCON (08/18, 19)
  • PyCon TW (09/02, 03)
  • MOPCON (11/11, 12)(Undetermined)

Recruitment for secretary team preparation period

The secretary team will not have a dormant period in 2023. We welcome you to continue with us on our lean preparations for departure.

The preparation period is expected to start on September 18, 2023, recruiting secretary team members for training and planning for 2024. A large amount of mental computation is required during the preparation period. We welcome applicants from all areas of expertise. If you want to work hard or lean preparations, please apply to join us!

Detailed application (zh-tw only):

After the Event

After the conclusion of the conference, you can continue to participate in small gatherings organized by the community. We encourage everyone to return to the community to contribute or give back, making the open-source area even more lively! (You can refer to the community partners that co-hosted with us!)

Here are a few channels to keep up-to-date:

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter: We will notify you as soon as the next event is launched!
  2. Join us as a volunteer: Want to help us prepare for COSCUP 2024? Just log in to the volunteer platform, and you'll be notified when each group starts recruiting!
  3. Or subscribe to the community event calendar! (You can suggest new events here).
  4. Continue to contribute to open source and apply for OSCVPass or participate in this program.

After All

The spirit of open source remains the core of COSCUP, promoting open source with the community is our action. We look forward to continuing to bring together open source developers, users, and promoters from all over the world for discussions and to share the power of open source in 2024!

See you at COSCUP 2024!

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