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How to sign-off commits

We require a sign-off commit message in the following format on each commit in pull request.

This is a commit message.

COSCUP Volunteer <>

Creating your signoff

Git has a -s | --sign-off command line option to append the message automatically.

git commit --signoff --message 'This is a commit message'
git commit -s -m 'This is a commit message'

This will use your default value on your git configure in,

Setup your name:


Setup your mail:

git config ''

How to amend a sign-off

If you miss your sign-off on the last commit, you can amend the commit and then push to Github.

git commit --amend --signoff

DCO Failures

If you miss series of commits, you can use the rebase with -i | --interactive to edit and append into.


If you have 4 commits in your history.

git rebase --interactive HEAD~4
(interactive squash + DCO append)
git push origin --force

We will enable the Probot/DCO on Github. For more details about the DCO on Github, please read the article here.