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COSCUP 2024 Organizing Team Activation

2023 COSCUP All Staffs

The COSCUP 2024 organizing team successfully kicked off last week, and each team has started recruiting volunteers for this year. Join us in preparing for the annual event!

This message will guide you through important information for future participation in COSCUP, whether you are a volunteer, community partner, speaker, sponsor, or attendee!

By the way, all the session videos from 2023 have been uploaded to YouTube. If you missed any sessions you wanted to hear, you can watch the video replays!

Basic Information

COSCUP 2024 is tentatively scheduled for 08/03 - 08/04, and the venue is at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

As the conference is organized collaboratively with the participation of open-source communities, we plan to recruit for the open-source community track starting in February, with the program call for proposals expected to be completed in May.

For relevant information, you can refer to the announcements from the past COSCUP 2023 to prepare in advance for planning various tasks. Or refer to "COSCUP unveiled / OSI / Paloma Oliveira".


Currently, each team has updated recruitment information on Volunteer Services. If you are interested in participating in the preparation process, please carefully read the selection qualifications and procedures for each team.

The conference will continue to have a One-Day Volunteer activity where participants can become volunteer partners for the two-day event (or pre-party). If you are unable to fully participate in the preparation process, you can still look forward to participating through the One-Day Volunteer option!

Recent Updates

Open Source Market

open-source marketing

The name "Open Source Market" is tentative, and we hope to have a section in 2024 that revolves around the spirit of open source and market activities. Whether it's open source snacks, recipes, menus, or technical book fairs, detailed sponsorship content is still being planned. If you have related ideas and opinions, feel free to reply directly to us!

Heading to FOSDEM


COSCUP is about to depart at the end of January to join forces with the Open Culture Foundation(OCF) for FOSDEM, the largest open-source conference in Europe. If you happen to be near Brussels, Belgium in the following days, feel free to join us for a meal, a drink, and a discussion about open source! Our booth will be located at K Level 2(Open Culture Foundation+ Taiwan open source community).

Passing on information from OCF

If your community also wants to be known by international partners, you're welcome to participate in this event together. The form on the event page can be filled out, and materials should reach the designated location no later than 01/24!


2023 COSCUP All Staffs

COSCUP will be exhibiting at SCaLE21x. If you are interested in engaging with the North American community in discussions related to open culture and open-source technology, we welcome you to join us! For more details, please refer to the event details.

Seeking Assistance Directly

For inquiries regarding various aspects, please feel free to reach out to the responsible teams via the following email addresses:

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