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COSCUP Update Report 2023/04/27

It's time to update you on the progress of COSCUP again. After this week, there will be only about three months left until COSCUP 2023.

The Program Team

The upcoming event with a deadline approaching soon: HKOSCon 2023 - COSCUP Special Track (due 4/29), OSC Nagoya - COSCUP Special Track (due 4/30).

Ongoing activities include: Call for papers (due 5/22) and Community Booths (due 6/2).

The Sponsorship Team

COSCUP 2023 Donation

Sponsorship is an essential factor for the success of COSCUP, and we appreciate both individual and corporate sponsorships. If you would like to propose sponsorship of COSCUP to your company, please contact the main coordinator to convey the sponsorship proposal. If your company sponsors COSCUP through a corporate plan, you can bring your work ID or business card during the event and exchange it for a highly acclaimed COSCUP Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at the volunteer service desk (only once a year, don't miss it!).

The Booth Team

In mid-April, the booth team returned from Singapore after participating in the FOSSASIA event. They exchanged ideas with friends from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Europe, UK, Australia, Korea, Japan, and China at the booth, sharing how COSCUP promotes the spirit of open source in Taiwan. They also invited them to come to Taiwan to travel and attend this year's event! (Detailed event records can be found by searching #fossasia #coscup on Twitter)

The booth team also thanks the COSCUP colleagues who work in Singapore for their support, especially Ly and Wenqixiang (maybe we can appoint them as the COSCUP Singapore branch!)

We are planning to promote COSCUP in OSC2023 Nagoya on 5/28 and then drive along the Tokaido to Shizuoka, Kawaguchiko, Kamakura, Zushi, Yokohama, and finally arrive in Tokyo (possibly on 6/1). We also want to meet up with our colleagues who work in Japan for a meal and a chat. If you or your friends work in Japan, please feel free to pass on this invitation. If you have any questions or would like to have a meal and chat with our booth team, please reply to our dedicated email address:

Heading to Nagoya, Tokyo



Have you heard of the "Open Source Contributor VIP Pass" (OSCVPass)? It is initiated by the Open Culture Foundation (OCF) to provide a fast pass for open source contributors to attend various conferences in Taiwan. If you are familiar with this program, please remember to submit or update your proof of contribution for this year. If you are from other conferences and interested in joining this program, feel free to contact the Open Culture Foundation for feedback!


COSCUP is organized by a group of volunteers who work tirelessly before the event to prepare and set up the conference stage for the two-day annual event. If you have attended the conference and are curious about how the COSCUP volunteers prepare for the event, you are welcome to join our volunteer team.

Currently, the Streaming, Documentation, Field teams still need your enthusiastic participation. Join us now!

  • Streaming Team: Requires proficiency in operating OBS and the ability to be present to provide support during the two-day event. Or, assist with video conversion, editing, and post-production after the conference.
  • Documentation Team: Responsible for documenting the conference, requires self-provided photography equipment and output capabilities.
  • Field Team: Collaborate with team leaders to complete venue logistics, catering, and other related tasks during the conference.


Do you know? COSCUP's Call for Proposals and conference schedule are reviewed and organized by the open-source community. So, what else does COSCUP need to do?

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