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Contributing on Github

Before raising an issue

  • Check the issues to ensure your suggestion is not already present within the project.
  • Check the pull request to ensure that the bug or feature is not already in progress.

Before submitting a pull request(PR)

  • Check the codebase to make sure that your feature does not exist.
  • Read, understand and agree with the DCO guideline for this project.
  • Run pylint, mypy to make sure your codebase is pretty.
    (poetry) PYTHONPATH=./ pylint --disable=R0801,E1101,E0611 ./view/ ./module/ ./models/ ./celery_task/ ./structs/ ./api/ ./
    (poetry) PYTHONPATH=./ mypy ./view/ ./module/ ./models/ ./celery_task/ ./structs/ ./api/ ./

Create a pull request

  • Submit Pull Request to main branch.
  • Before submitting your Pull Request, merge main to your branch and fix any conflicts.
  • The codebase is follow the Google Style Guide for Python.
  • The docstring style please follow this section of 3.8 Comments and Docstrings, but prefer using ''' rather than """.
  • For Beginners: see here how to forking and clone from GitHub

Last update: January 18, 2023