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Open Source Community

Your community, in any form related to open source and the spirit of openness, can be considered a part of the COSCUP open source community. Of course, we are particularly interested in the various ways the spirit of openness is practiced in different fields, whether through individuals or groups!

COSCUP was initiated as an event organized by a group of partners from the open-source community. In recent years, efforts have been made to increase the involvement of the open-source community in COSCUP and reduce barriers to participation. This includes organizing the annual grand conference in collaboration with the open-source community.

Participation Framework

Howto community

The open-source community can recruit speakers and volunteers through various participation methods.

What sets COSCUP apart from other conferences in Taiwan is the format of participation in session planning. Each session track is organized and scheduled by the open-source community itself. The responsibilities of the COSCUP organizing team lie in finalizing the venue and timing and assisting with the dissemination of information.

The types of sessions that the open-source community can organize are not limited to topic sharing alone. They can include workshops, internal community meetings, community policy formulation, and even hosting their own annual conferences within COSCUP. Conducting these events through their own registration and promotion methods is also a viable option.

Call for Participation

Community Tracks

COSCUP requires participation from the open-source community. This phase involves gathering the open-source community to propose session tracks for either one or two full days, or half days, during the event.

The Call for Participation (CfP) for 2024 will be open until March 17, 2024. If the community cannot sustain a full day of sessions, they can collaborate with other communities in the same field or with similar topics to jointly organize a community session track.

Community Booths

Over the two days of COSCUP, attendees gather to participate. For communities, having a booth at COSCUP to recruit partners, advocate their ideas, and promote regular gatherings is the most efficient way to find like-minded community partners.

Due to the significant number of overseas participants coming to Taiwan in 2023, it is recommended to consider creating English versions of booth pamphlets or promotional materials.


If community partners have any questions, you can seek assistance from the program team. If you are a member of the open-source community, you can first inquire with the community leader or contact person for help.