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🏪 Fun Fair

COSCUP 開.源遊會 Fun Fair

"COSCUP Fun Fair" is a new event initiative for 2024. The goal is to recruit booth vendors through "open source menus," inviting them to set up booths at the event and share or exchange their unique recipes, production methods, or the process of creating various items with attendees. This initiative aims to embody the spirit of open source in everyday life.

Since this is the first year of this new initiative, currently considered a "trial run," there are no fees for booth space. The only restrictions are no open flames or equipment that produces large amounts of exhaust during the production process. All types of booths are welcome, whether they involve food, drinks, games, entertainment, etc. We invite you to join us in shaping all possible forms of participation for this inaugural event.

As mentioned, the only requirement is to provide something akin to an "open source menu" detailing the production methods or design processes that align with the "open source spirit" and are shareable with attendees.

Booth Information

The event will be held at NTUST in classroom TR412-3. We expect to host 4 to 6 booths in this classroom, with booths set up around the perimeter. The center of the classroom will be arranged as a simple dining and chatting area for attendees (dine-in area).

  • Booth table dimensions: 90L x 180W x 75H (cm). We plan to provide power outlets, electrical equipment, one long table, and two chairs per booth. Please bring any additional equipment you might need.

Power Supply

We plan to rent a small generator outside the classroom to provide additional power, preventing the risk of power outages by not overloading the school's electrical system.


  • Event Dates: August 3-4, 2024
  • Event Times:
    • 09:00 - 16:30 (Saturday)
    • 09:00 - 15:30 (Sunday)
    • Daily Check-in at 08:50, Check-out and Deposit Return (on the second day) from 15:30 to 16:30
  • Booth Setup Time: August 2, 2024 (Friday) after 15:00
  • Event Location: NTUST, Advantech Building, Classroom 413-2

Booth List



  • 👋 Booth 01 (熱情招商中)
  • ✅ Booth 02 三輪行動咖啡氣泡飲


  • ✅ Booth 03 萍水相逢花藝工作室


  • ☑ Booth 04 (In Contact)

    調酒 / 咖啡 / 炒泡麵

  • 👋 Booth 05 (Actively Recruiting)
  • 👋 Booth 06 (Actively Recruiting)


🫰 Booth Application Form 👋

Frequently Asked Questions

Open flames are not allowed, can I use an induction cooker?

We plan to rent a small generator to provide power on site, but we are still in the process of coordinating with the school. We will notify you once confirmed.

Can I set up a booth for only one day or if I can't be at the booth for a certain period?

It is possible to have a booth for only one day. If you cannot be present during the entire booth duration, it is recommended to design an unattended booth sales mode to accommodate.

Can I accept pre-orders?

You can provide a pre-order form, order form, or fan page. We will assist in updating it on the booth list above to guide attendees to make pre-orders or advance purchases.

Can I hold a small DIY workshop at my booth?

As this is the first time we are holding this event, we welcome all kinds of participation. Therefore, you are invited to arrange DIY activities at your booth. If pre-registration is required, please provide a registration form or link to assist in publishing the information.

Is there a commission on the sales revenue for the day?

No commission fee is required, but please remember to collect your deposit.

How should waste be managed?

We have outsourced a cleaning company to assist with waste management during the two-day event. Please remember to place your waste in the bins located at the stairwell.

Parking and Unloading Information

The school's basement is an outsourced parking area where you can park. If you are just unloading, you can temporarily stop at "Lane 155, Section 3, Keelung Road". The event venue, "Advantech Building," is on the right side. Please do not stop at the school's main entrance, as it is far from the event venue.