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There are less than 10 days left until COSCUP 2023! If there are any important events that you shouldn't miss recently, a summary is prepared for you below.

A reminder once again, COSCUP does not require tickets, it's free entry, and it's an annual event held together with a group of open source communities. Just come directly when it's time, the door is also open!

welcome party

Recent updates

  1. BoF / Hacking Room: The announcement has also been made. Please check the content and schedule a time to host a BoF (Birds of a Feather) meetup. (Is there anyone still wanting to host a PGP key signing BoF? Wait, what is PGP? Will there be a souvenir exchange event like last year this year?)
  2. Lightning talk 2.0: It has also been announced that the duration has been reduced from 5 minutes in previous years to 3 minutes this year. If there is any mistake on stage, it may disappear immediately... (Sign up first)
  3. Welcome Party: Let's gather together on the evening of 7/28 18:15 at the Hua Shan Town Bar and Restaurant for the welcome party. Unlimited drink coupons are available for purchase now, and no registration is required. Simply show up and enjoy! The drink coupon can help offset the venue costs, so please buy more to support us! For details on the event, please refer to the announced article or shares. (There's a surprise!)
  4. Healing Market: The popular massage station, mindfulness meditation, and red wine yoga received continuous praise, and this year we will once again provide on-site services for attendees. The detailed registration information has been announced. Please refer to the detailed event page and registration. Additionally, we are introducing a new track called "Healing Talks" where we have received 8 submissions discussing diverse and inclusive topics related to technology. We welcome you to join us and listen!
  5. Parent-Child Workshops: We welcome you to bring your children to participate in hands-on activities and introduce them to the world of open-source early on. This time, we have three workshops: "One-Day Soldering Workshop," "Turtle Doodle Robot," and "DIY Handheld Gaming Console" (tentative names). The registration details for these workshops has been announced. We encourage young children to join us at COSCUP!
  6. Refer to the previous episode.

Agenda / Sessions

The conference agenda has been announced, and this year also added filtering by classroom, agenda track, and types. The volunteer service platform also provides another way of presenting the numerous sessions of this year, which is also welcome to be used. After logging into the volunteer account, you can collect the sessions you are interested in and also share and recommend those sessions to others for sharing.

That's all for the latest updates. Feel free to promote COSCUP to your friends and family. There are two ways to stay connected with us: 'Subscribe to the newsletter' or 'Register on the volunteer platform'. See you at the event, no, {{name}}, we'll see you at the welcome party!

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