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COSCUP 2024/02 Update Report

Happy New Year and Happy Lantern Festival! As the new year begins, the COSCUP organizing team continues to work diligently on preparations. In this issue, we bring you updates on the most important information so far!

Recent Updates

Return from FOSDEM


COSCUP went to Brussels, Belgium in early February to participate in FOSDEM, the largest open-source event in Europe, where we shared information about the open-source community in Taiwan with the Open Culture Foundation. We also introduced the status of COSCUP, the annual open-source conference held in Taiwan, and enthusiastically invited them to join us if they have the opportunity. Both attendees and speakers are very welcome, and it's a great chance to visit Taiwan!

For more discoveries, you can refer to the event records of the Open Culture Foundation!

SCaLE 21x


The COSCUP Engagement Team plans to attend SCaLE 21x (Southern California Linux Expo, SCaLE) in California in March for networking and promotional activities. This will be our first time in the United States, and we hope to successfully fulfill our mission of promoting COSCUP. If you happen to be in California or are also attending SCaLE 21x, feel free to come and chat with us, grab a meal, and discuss open-source!

Recruiting Open Source Communities to Participate

The COSCUP Program Team has announced the recruitment of open-source communities!

Different from other conferances and annual events, COSCUP is a large-scale annual conference co-organized by open-source communities. The current focus is on various community partners, and it's up to you to determine the diversity of open-source participation in COSCUP this year. We sincerely invite community partners to participate in the preparation of COSCUP 2024 once again!

For detailed instructions and application methods, please refer to the Call for participation. Important deadlines to note:

  • Community tracks: ~ March 17, 2024
  • Community booths: ~ June 3, 2024

It is recommended to apply early to avoid classrooms or booths being filled up in advance! Do you remember which open-source communities and their sessions were featured last year?

How to Sponsor Us

The COSCUP Sponsorship Team has worked hard to adjust this year's sponsorship packages. If you need budget planning reference materials, you can first refer to the previous package contents. If you have more cooperation proposals, feel free to email them to the Sponsorship Team.

How to Stay Updated with Us

Event Calendar

COSCUP Public Calendar

Starting from 2023, all COSCUP organizing committee meetings and conference events are unified in the same calendar. If you're afraid of missing important moments or would like to experience the preparation process firsthand, you are very welcome to import and synchronize this calendar.

Volunteer Recruitment

We continue to recruit volunteer partners for this year. If you want to participate in the preparation, please visit the to complete the recruitment process!

Multilingual Framework

The current platform only supports Traditional Chinese content. The secretary team is currently working hard to complete the correction of the multilingual framework. Before this is done, if there are any registrations or inquiries regarding volunteer participation, please feel free to email us directly.

Archived Newsletters

COSCUP Public Calendar

Since COSCUP no longer requires registration for participation in events, we need to send event information through newsletters. Over time, we have issued many newsletters, and the content of these previously sent newsletters has been organized and archived in the secretary team's document for online access.

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