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How to participate in COSCUP

There are many ways to participate in COSCUP, and becoming a part of the organizing volunteer team is not the only option.

This guide gradually directs you on how to participate or assist at different stages, depending on your role. The ultimate goal is to converge on a perfect outcome over the two days of the event!

  • Open Source Community - Community groups related to open-source. More details

  • Speakers - Presenters sharing open-source topics. More details

  • Attendees - General public participating in COSCUP. More details

  • Sponsor Partners - Partners who support and identify with us in any way. More details

  • Organizing Team - Volunteer group assisting in event preparation and planning. More details

Work in Progress

This guide will continue to be edited until it reaches completion in 2024. During this period, various contents will be gradually completed, and the progress of the completed sections will be introduced in the newsletter.