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Team Leader Handbook

First of all, thank you for being the team leader of this year! To help you familiarize yourself with the resources related to COSCUP, please read the "Team Leader's Handbook" provided for you.

Personal Information

  1. Please complete your personal profile first, which should include self-introduction, skills, and annual expectations (refer to: example 1, example 2, example 3).
  2. Please read and confirm the signing of the Community Code of Conduct.
  3. Please read and confirm the signing of the Data Protection Principles.

Documents / Cloud Drive / HackMD

During the event, various documents and records will be created and shared using Google Drive. HackMD may also be used to record certain meeting minutes.

Data Storage

Google Drive has folders for past years' data, available for historical viewing and retrieval, but please note that personal or sensitive information should be handled separately.

Task tracking
  • Currently, there is no unified requirement for using a specific tool for task tracking or management system in the conference. Each team can decide on their own.
  • Some teams are known to use Trello for task assignment.


The conference usually holds synchronous meetings every two weeks one month before the event, and changes to weekly meetings when there is one month left until the event.

Each team meeting is determined by the team leader. If there are cross-team tasks, relevant personnel can be convened for discussion. If there are difficult decisions to make, the overall coordinators can be requested to attend.

Having it would be better

  • Please remember to take meeting minutes or document meeting conclusions for the sake of future reference and continuity.
  • Consider creating public meetings and using the conference schedule to provide online meetings this year.
  • If there is a need to establish a meeting with more than 3 people and last for more than 1 hour, you can seek the assistance of the Secretary team to set up the meeting.


Secretary team will help set up your team, and you can find it in the list of all teams for this year's conference.

Recruitment and Introduction

First, please create a brief introduction and recruitment information for your team, which can be edited in the "Settings" section on the left-hand side of the team page. There are two text fields available for editing, one for recruitment messages to non-members and one for internal team information after volunteers have joined.

Both text fields support Markdown syntax.

Add members to the team

Starting from 2023, those who want to join the team need to complete their personal profile, sign the community code of conduct and data protection principles before applying for membership. You can manage members in the Settings and Members page.


Full process of member registration [original]


  • Each team currently does not have a unified recruitment standard, and is free to develop their own approach. However, please take the time to understand potential members. If there is not enough manpower to handle recruitment, you can ask for assistance from the Secretary team to conduct interviews.
Unable to join
  • During the application process, if the word count of the application introduction is insufficient, the application cannot be submitted.
  • Some individuals may be unable to join due to prior violations of community guidelines (not limited to COSCUP).
Revoke volunteer membership
  • Please provide accurate information when filling out the recruitment process, do not fill it out casually. If the information does not meet the requirements, the administrative team will return the volunteer qualification and ask for reapplication.

Volunteer Talent Pool

On the left side of the team page, there is a page called "Volunteer Talent Pool", where you can select volunteer partners who have provided their skill sets on the platform. The team leader needs to proactively contact and explain the task to the volunteer partner, and then ask the volunteer partner to apply to join your team.

Withdraw from

Members can choose to withdraw from the team due to personal reasons or contributions that fall short of expectations. They can directly withdraw from the team on the Volunteer Platform.


After a member exits the team, their access to the Google Drive and the team mailing team will also be removed from.

Mailing team of Team

If there is a group email, you can see "the mailling-list of the team" at the bottom of the team page. If you need to apply for other dedicated email or mailing group, please contact the secretary team for assistance to create.

Team Mailing List

Issue Reporting

  1. If you encounter an emergency situation, please report it in the Team Leader Channel in Mattermost first.
  2. The following teams can handle violations of the Code of Conduct: General Affairs Team, Administrative Team, and Program Team.

Team Member Handbook

Lastly, please take some time to read the "Team Member Handbook", thank you!

Last update: August 4, 2023