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COSCUP 2023 is about to begin!

COSCUP 2023 is about to begin! With less than a month left until 7/29, the event will once again take place at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. We have some information to provide you with in advance, so let's take each step together towards the opening day!

In addition, there's something important to note about COSCUP. It's a free and open event, with no tickets required for entry. It's an annual gathering organized by open-source communities. So mark your calendars and come join us, as the doors are wide open!

Upcoming Announcements

  1. Community Booths Announcement: This year, the applications for community booths were overwhelming, and we almost couldn't accommodate all of them. We are excited to announce that we have international booths joining us for the first time in Taiwan after the pandemic, allowing for cross-cultural exchange!
  2. Welcome Party: Let's gather together on the evening of 7/28 at the Hua Shan Town Bar and Restaurant for the pre-party celebration. Unlimited drink coupon will be available for purchase soon, and no registration is required. Simply show up and enjoy! The drink coupon can help offset the venue costs, so we appreciate your support in purchasing them!
  3. One-Day Volunteers: The two-day event organizing team still needs assistance, and if you have a volunteering spirit, we warmly welcome you to join us in coordinating COSCUP or use this opportunity to gain experience with our dedicated volunteer team!
  4. Healing Market: The popular massage station, mindfulness meditation, and red wine yoga received continuous praise, and this year we will once again provide on-site services for attendees. The detailed registration information will be announced later (or refer to 2022). Additionally, we are introducing a new track called "Healing Talks" where we have received 8 submissions discussing diverse and inclusive topics related to technology. We welcome you to join us and listen!
  5. Parent-Child Workshops: We welcome you to bring your children to participate in hands-on activities and introduce them to the world of open-source early on. This time, we have three workshops: "One-Day Soldering Workshop," "Turtle Doodle Robot," and "DIY Handheld Gaming Console" (tentative names). The registration details for these workshops will be announced later. We encourage young children to join us at COSCUP!
  6. Open Source Star Village: If you're not familiar with the concept of open-source spirit and open culture, don't worry! In the "Healing Market," the Open Culture Foundation will be hosting four tabletop gaming activities to guide you into the world of open source. You're welcome to form teams and sign up to participate (it's also a great team-building opportunity!)
  7. Personal Sponsorship: We deeply appreciate and are grateful for your continued support and sponsorship!
  8. The COSCUP sessions will be announced on 7/10. Please wait for a moment longer. This year's conference schedule will feature new and user-friendly functionalities. If you have an account on the volunteer platform, we also have a dedicated schedule for volunteers, encouraging active participation in community sessions on the event day!
  9. If you have open-source projects, proposals, or are looking to recruit open-source collaborators at COSCUP, we will provide free bulletin boards on each floor for promoting your initiatives. You can start preparing flyers to post now! Also, don't forget to bring community stickers for exchange. If you haven't printed them yet, place your order soon!
  10. Lastly, we would like to remind you that this year we have many international partners joining us for this annual event. If you are interested in international exchange, we encourage you to seize the opportunity during the two-day event to meet and engage in conversations with them!

Above are the sneak peeks of information that we can share with you before the official announcement. We also welcome you to help us promote COSCUP to your family and friends. There are two ways to stay updated: "Subscribe to our newsletter" or "Join the volunteer platform." See you at COSCUP!

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