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COSCUP Update Report 2023/03/02

Long time no see! Here's an update on the current progress of the COSCUP organizing team and the conference!

Track Sessions, Booth Applications, Early Bird CfP

COSCUP is a farewell gathering for open-source communities. Apart from the conference's self-organized tracks, around 15 other tracks come from various fields of open-source communities, organized through self-review (Call for Proposals) and self-management (full-day event format). For the COSCUP organizing volunteers, our aim is to expand the venue and take care of the attendees, gathering open-source enthusiasts from around the world to host this annual event!

Starting from now, track sessions are open for submission. Feel free to apply. Due to the intense competition every year, please carefully read the application guidelines to avoid missing out on eligibility.

If you want to set up a booth to promote open-source technology or your community, our community booths are also open for applications! Similarly, relevant application details can be found in this article's second half! Have you figured out what activities you want to do at your booth this year? Have you decided on the souvenirs or stickers you want to make this year? Have you decided where the community will go for dinner on the first night (7/29) this year? Hurry up and apply for a booth!

Do you want to challenge yourself as a speaker this year? Or do you want to share topics related to "open-source technology" or "open culture"? The Call for Paper submissions has also begun simultaneously. Please refer to the submission guidelines first, and then think about what topics you want to share this year. Both solid open-source technical fields and the soft power of open culture are highly welcomed!"

Volunteer Organizing Team

Every year, COSCUP is organized by a group of volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare and set up the stage for the two-day conference. If you have ever been an attendee and are curious about how the COSCUP volunteers prepare for the event, you are also welcome to join our volunteer team.

Currently, the Logistics Team, Production Team, and Documentation Team still need your enthusiastic participation. Join us now!

  • Streaming Team: Requires proficiency in operating OBS and availability to support on-site during the two-day event. Alternatively, assistance with video conversion, editing, and post-production after the conference.
  • Documentation Team: Responsible for documenting the conference activities, requires photography equipment and the ability to produce output.
  • Logistics Team: Collaborates with team leaders to handle venue logistics, catering, and other matters during the conference.

The above are brief introductions to each team. For detailed job descriptions, please refer to each team's overview."

Cross-Promotion: OCF x MOPCON

At the end of March, OCF will co-host a gathering with MOPCON in Kaohsiung, providing a platform for technical professionals, designers, and individuals in related industries to exchange ideas. We are also seeking three topics for sharing, so feel free to submit your proposals! Participants can also share their ideas on stage during the Open Mic and free discussion time with an HDMI connection.

  • Date: March 28, 2023 (Tuesday) 19:00 - 21:00 (Registration starts at 18:30)
  • Fee: Free! Participation is open to all, whether you have registered for short talks or not.
  • Venue: Make & Experience Space, 3rd Floor, No. 104, Siwei 2nd Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City (above the New Eastern Sun building)

For more details and registration, please visit the registration page.

Coming Soon

Did you know that the volunteer platform has an API? What ...

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