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COSCUP 2024/04 Update Report

This issue includes call for proposals, call for community booths, international engagement, and domestic booth activities. Hi, how have you been lately? There are still about 100 days left until this year's event, and the organizing team continues to work hard to arrange affairs. We hope to bring you a fruitful open-source experience this year!

International Engagement

At COSCUP, international engagement affairs are currently managed by the Engagement Team and the Program Team, each with different goals and approaches to achieve "international engagement" and "international participation." If you have any suggestions regarding international affairs, feel free to communicate with us!

Recently, the Engagement Team has returned from SCaLE21x and FOSSASIA. Insights and sharing from SCaLE21x can be found in this article.

FOSSASIA Summit 2024, Hanoi, Vietnam.

FOSSASIA was particularly unique this year, as it moved from its long-standing location in Singapore to Hanoi, Vietnam. This change allowed our partners participating in the event to experience the unique characteristics and warm hospitality of Vietnam!

COSCUP at FOSSASIA Summit 2024, Hanoi, Vietnam.

It's also admirable that many communities from Europe, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and the United States gathered in Hanoi to participate in FOSSASIA. FOSSASIA has many features that we can learn from and adopt. Our partners assisting with the booth had exchanges with the organizers during the two-day event and even afterward. We hope to continue interacting and exchanging efforts with them in the future!

Call for Proposals

We are currently continuing our call for proposals, with a deadline set for May 7th. There are about two weeks left, so please seize the opportunity to share your achievements in the open-source field!

We have prepared a guide on how to become a speaker. If you've been wanting to push yourself or have been hesitant to take the first step, you can refer to the "Speaker Guide"!

The lineup for the Community Tracks (Compiled Version) and the first wave of Community Booths has also been announced!

Call for Community Booths

We are still accepting applications for open-source community booths, with the deadline set for June 3rd. Please note that the number of booths is limited. Non-profit organizations belonging to the FLOSS community or advocating for free and open-source software are welcome to apply.

These are the contents of this issue of the newsletter. Thank you for your continued support, and feel free to share the COSCUP event with more friends. Most importantly, join us in planning and participating! Oh, and we have a COSCUP booth at the g0v Summit 2024, so feel free to drop by and exchange ideas with us!

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