Exploring Autonomous Agents: Planning, Memory, Tool Use

By 曾亭翰 Michael Tseng


Exploring Autonomous Agents: Planning, Memory, Tool Use

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In this talk, we delve into the realm of large language model-powered autonomous agents, the newest AI wave revolutionizing digital and physical interactions. Through examples of open-source projects like AutoGPT and BabyAGI, we will unravel the innovative aspects that make these agents stand out, including their prompt engineering techniques, memory system design, and the external toolset they use to augment their capabilities.

We will discuss their implementation, potential benefits, risks, and the ways in which open-source community can tap into their potential. This session aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to LLM-powered agents. Come join this exciting discussion about the anatomy of autonomy, which may define or destroy our future!


曾亭翰 Michael Tseng

曾亭翰 Michael Tseng

18, building for the singularity

I’m interested in ai, bio-inspired computing, and most of the emerging tech/science developments. I will be in sf this fall as a freshman at Minerva University.

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