Tekton and ArgoCD: The Dynamic Duo for Kube Native CI/CD

By Kevin Dubois


Tekton and ArgoCD: The Dynamic Duo for Kube Native CI/CD

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As the use of containers and Kubernetes for application deployment becomes more widespread, managing the continuous integration/delivery/deployment process can still be a challenge. Tekton and ArgoCD are two CNCF projects that aim to simplify and automate the CI/CD process for containerized applications. In this talk, I will provide an overview of Tekton and ArgoCD and show how they can be used together to streamline the CI/CD process. I will demo how to deploy new features to a Quarkus (game) application in a streamlined and controlled way (and perhaps the audience will get to even play along? ).

This talk is aimed at developers, DevOps engineers, and other Cloud Native / Kubernetes practitioners who are interested in learning more about truly Cloud Native, Serverless CI/CD and how it can be used to improve the automation of building and deploying applications to Kubernetes.

Takeaways: * Introduction to Tekton and ArgoCD * How to leverage pipelines and GitOps to deploy applications * How to release new features continuously using feature flags


Kevin  Dubois

Kevin Dubois

Kevin is a software engineer and developer advocate at Red Hat who is on a mission to supercharge developer joy and productivity using Open Source as the guiding light. He is a frequent conference speaker, talking mostly about Java, Quarkus and Cloud Native Development & Deployment practices. Kevin previously worked as a (Lead) Software Engineer at a variety of organizations ranging from small startups to large US enterprises and even the Belgian public sector. In his free time you can find Kevin somewhere in the wild hiking, gravel biking, snowboarding down mountains or packrafting (up and) down WW rivers.

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