Deploy 1 thousand pods in my JUST laptop (w/ kwok)

By Hoon Jo


Deploy 1 thousand pods in my JUST laptop (w/ kwok)

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Kubernetes is one of powerful tools for container orchestration. In fact, it is really a matter of scheduling to manage container. Thus sometimes we should test and demonstrate what we thought to deploy properly working before we deploy in the product.

However, mostly resource is limited to test it. Therefore, KWOK(Kubernetes WithOut Kubelet) is really helpful to deploy & schedule purpose.
{} And furthermore if you could save the resource, it could archive for Environmental Sustainability ( as well!!!

So why don't you start from today? :)


Hoon Jo

Hoon Jo

Since his experience as a system/network IT vendor, he has been providing Tech Advisor and Container Architecture Design for all projects related to Kubernetes in the Megazone GCP Cloud team. He is also an admin of the Facebook 'IT Infrastructure Engineers Group' and an open source contributor.

He likes to share his knowledge, so he has written lectures for Ansible and Kubernetes on Inflearn/Udemy, and he thinks it is important to document his knowledge, so he has written books (『Practical Programming in Python for System/Network Administrators』, 『Elegantly Answerable』), 『Kubernetes/Docker for Building Container Infrastructure Environments』 (Gilbut), and contributed articles to IT magazines. He is also a CNCF Ambassador and NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Ambassador, contributing to the spread of the Kubernetes ecosystem.

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