[Prime session] Writing a technical book doesn’t have to be scary

By Luca Palmieri


[Prime session] Writing a technical book doesn’t have to be scary

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自 2020 年起,我開始撰寫 "Zero to Production in Rust”,一本關於使用 Rust 程式語言開發後端應用的書。 初次嘗試寫作,我對於這本書的未來走向毫無頭緒:有人會感興趣嗎?我該從何下筆撰寫內容?要試著和出版社合作還是自費出版?內容該開放給大眾嗎? 這場演講正是三年前的我所希望擁有的指南。我將介紹技術書籍從頭到尾產製的過程,包括主題定義、行銷策略、發行方式(包含開放近用)以及價格設定。 [摘要翻譯自英文] *本場次由 Rust Taiwan Community 與 COSCUP 大會聯合邀請


Luca Palmieri

Luca Palmieri

Luca Palmieri builds technology products for a living. His current focus is on backend development, software architecture and the Rust programming language.

He currently works at MainMatter as a Principal Engineering Consultant. He partners with teams across the industry to make sure they succeed in adopting or scaling their Rust usage, where it makes sense to do so. He was formerly at AWS and TrueLayer.

He has been part of the Rust community since 2018 and is best known as the author of “Zero to Production in Rust”, an introduction to using Rust for backend development.

When he is not coding, you’ll find him baking cakes or rolling pasta sheets.

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