Task: Session Track Assistant (English) - 8/4


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Title Session Track Assistant (English) - 8/4
Start 2024-08-04 08:00
End 2024-08-04 17:00
(English version is below)

分派至議程軌房間進行英文議程軌的協助,視情況若該軌的負責人有需要,會請協助進行活動主持 (開場、發問時間),以及簡單的翻譯 (無須口譯)。 部分議程軌的負責人有希望錄影,可能會請您協助進行錄影運作的檢查。

活動前會需要準備 Glossary table,預計會從您協助的議程軌議題摘要中,使用 ChatGPT 等工具產生 Glossary 專業術語詞彙表供參考。

工作技能 (僅供參考):
1. (必要條件) 至少需要能夠使用英文進行溝通 (參考英語級別: CEFR: B1、雅思: 5、托福: 35、多益: 600、GEPT 中級) **我們不會檢查證書

1. 深入了解議程軌運作、認識議程軌負責人及議程軌組成
2. 有機會認識外國朋友
3. 了解科技英文專業術語

Job description:
Assigned to the session track (room) to assist with the English session track. The track coordinator will asked to assist with event hosting (opening, question time), and simple translation (no interpretation required) If necessary, checking the video recorder is working as well. (If have)

A Glossary table will need to be prepared before the event. Simply use a tool such as ChatGPT to generate that table from the abstract content of proposals in the session track. It will help with summaries of the professional terms of words before going.

Job skills (for reference only):
1. (Required) At least you need to be able to communicate in English (reference English level: CEFR: B1, IELTS: 5, TOEFL: 35, TOEIC: 600, GEPT Intermediate) **We won't check your certificate.

1. In-depth understanding of the operation of the COSCUP session track, meet the coordinator.
2. Opportunities to meet friends.
3. Understand technical English terminology.
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